The Lunch Tray

The Lunch Tray is my nationally-read blog about “kids and food, in school and out.”  Every day, five days a week, my readers and I discuss a wide range of topics from school food reform and other in-depth examinations of food policy, to practical tips on handling picky eaters, packing a school lunch lunch boxes ideas, and even recipes for kid-friendly weeknight dinners.

The Lunch Tray has been recognized by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as a “Blog of the Month,” featured by Rachel Ray Yum-O! Foundation and chosen by the Circle of Moms as a “Top 25 Foodie Mom” blog.  The blog and/or my writing about kids and food has appeared on The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Atlantic Wire, the Houston Chronicle, Houston Family magazine and other media outlets.

You can take part in the conversation by visiting the blog, following on Twitter or “liking” The Lunch Tray’s Facebook page.  Come join us!


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