Should HISD Offer Pizza to Kids on a Daily Basis?

The big news in the school food world this week is the fact that corporate lobbyists are apparently succeeding in their efforts in Congress to keep pizza classified as a school food “vegetable.”   (Yesterday’s Lunch Tray post on the issue is here, including a link to a petition if you’d like to register your protest.)

But there’s also a subsidiary issue related to pizza on school lunch trays, and with all the pizza buzz in the air this seems like a good time to raise it:  namely, the frequency with which pizza should be appearing on school menus at all.

Should this be an HISD student's lunch -- every single day?

Here in HISD, the district offers our middle and high schoolers pizza  every single day and on today’s Lunch Tray I discuss why this practice concerns me.  Check out the post and let me know what you think.

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